Ted Devils


A way of getting the crowd involved - they love it! And a way of fund-raising for your event or charity with no effort!

It's all about Parachuting Teddy Bears!

Yak Display is the only display on the circuit worldwide that offers this unique item. We were the first - others have tried to copy!

Yes, we drop parachuting teddy bears! With a little forward planning, your local fire and rescue services can also be involved, rushing to the aid of a teddy that has landed badly, enabling them to show off their rescue and first aid skills in front of the crowd!

Trust us. We've performed this item many, many times, and the crowd just love it!

There are two options for you to choose from:

  • We can take a single pre-prepared bear with us (we provide bear and 'chute) and drop the bear. Fund-raising wise, you (the event organiser) run a sweep-stake (pay to enter) asking people to state how far from the target the bear will land. The person nearest the actual landing wins the prize (put up by yourselves and paid for by the entry fees.)
  • Before the event, you advertise to local groups or organisations that they have a chance for their teddy mascot to go parachuting. They provide their teddy - COMPLETE with their own home made parachute. The local groups/organisations then get their bear mascot sponsored via their members for the drop before the event (see this suggested information letter and sponsor form). In this way, the organisation benefits from a really good and different fund raiser! In addition to this, you can also run the sweep stake option again, and split the proceeds between yourself and the organisations concerned as a further fund-raising idea on event-day.

Debs (display commentator who flies and acts as Teddy jump master) collects the bears on the day at your event, and then meets the yak at a local airfield. We all then take off and the teddies parachute into your event.

We bring signed certificates for all the bears who take part - so they have the proof that they actually did their jump, and sponsor monies can be collected.

Obviously, there has to be a limit on the bear size and numbers, which we can discuss if you are interested in this item at your event. Contact us for more information.

Don't forget the great name - The TED DEVILS !!!

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