Opportunities to advertise in a unique way are rare. Snap this one up to take advantage of a way of marketing that will be the envy of your competitors.

You'll be amazed at what's on offer.

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Unique Opportunities

Unique opportunities don't present themselves very often. And when they do, it's worth spending a little time looking into them. Right here, right now, is one of those opportunities for you. A chance for you to be involved in something truly special that enhances your company marketing, advertising, publicity and public awareness, and to compliment your commitment to good service.

Through sponsorship, you and Yak Display can form a formidable marketing presence with great appeal to the general public and businesses, whilst promoting your causes, activities and image.

An Introduction

Yak Display are well known, and already have a good rapport with media of all kinds, as well as national coverage in specialist publications. Having performed many, many air displays for both public and private functions of all shapes and sizes, Nigel, Debs and the Yak have a proven track record of commitment, credibility and reliability that many envy. They display (on average) to over 300,000 people each year, and the trend is an increase in exposure.

But that's not all.

The display itself is changed every year, building upon the experience of previous years and audience feedback. Many consider the display performed by Nigel and the Yak to be "daring" yet "balletic" at the same time. A truly rare combination. As well as bringing a wealth of experience to the scene, Nigel has a creative flair that results in some truly amazing activities in association with a display that are unique to him. No other act in the country does these apart from Yak Display.

With support and commentary provided by Debs, the team provide much more than "just" an air display. For example, commentary over any public address system includes an interview with the pilot whilst displaying the aircraft, as well as the now infamous "Ted Devils" parachuting teddy bears!

We have a commitment to service and standards that are second to none.


We don't want you to take our word for what we've said. We'd like to take this opportunity to let you view some references so you can see for yourself our professionalism.View References

In conjunction with Yak Display, you stand to gain considerable public exposure for all the right reasons.

Sponsor Benefits

Through a teamwork approach, Nigel works closely with you, the sponsor, to ensure your expectations are met. He has a flexible and friendly approach both in negotiating the sponsorship terms and the subsequent ongoing commitment to activities and requirements of the sponsor. The benefits available are dependent upon the level of sponsorship and support provided by you and your company.

Benefits to the sponsor can include:


  • A unique opportunity to sponsor an exciting activity that appeals to all ages and gender.
  • Creative opportunities are made by Yak Display - individualised for each display where possible, to compliment the organisers main objective.
  • "In the air" interview: During most displays, Nigel talks to the audience via radio over any public address system during the display in association with Debs (the dedicated Yak Display commentator). As far as we know, no other display pilot in the UK currently does this. Any communication includes mention of you - the sponsor.
  • The "Ted Devils": The only parachuting teddy bears on the air show scene that ensures the audience goes home with something to remember; and you are part of that memory.
  • Personal guest appearances are made by Nigel to support corporate, community or fund raising activities.


  • Airshows, fetes, open days, private and charity functions are just some of the types of events we attend. At each, your company is immediately identifiable not only by those on-site, but also those people in the vicinity.
  • Multimedia presentations are often made by Nigel about displaying the Yak to a wide variety of audiences who book him as a guest speaker. Working with you, we increase your visibility still further. The "Yak Chat" can also be presented by Nigel at your request as part of a corporate or community function.


  • All media channels are informed of Yak Display activities throughout the display year.
  • Radio: Nigel and the Yak already have a good rapport with radio, and in the past and present, have been the instigating party to various activities live on air to enhance the entertainment value for listeners. The successful sponsor is of course prominent in any broadcast.
  • TV: Yak Display have been filmed by TV crews producing specialist material for the TV and DVD marketplace. Any filming or TV exposure would include publicity for the sponsor.
  • Press: Local newspapers are already aware of Nigel and the Yak52, Yak Display having been reported in association with several recent events. Press releases are made regarding the sponsorship agreement, and further information is made available for events involving Yak Display and your company throughout the year.
  • National specialist publications: Publicity has been gained though several specialist publications in past years. This continues; Yak Display and your company become synonymous throughout the wider geographic area. This assists you in further publicity when in corporate competition.
  • Social Media: The Yak Display Website, Facebook and Twitter pages are well known, and visited regularly from a world-wide audience. With links to your own on-line presence (and vice versa) audiences are informed and in touch with events and activities, as well as being exposed to your marketing and advertising material.


  • Aircraft Livery: The Yak is sign-written with the sponsors' name, logo and/or strap line on each wing and fuselage where possible. The exact wording, logo and size is by negotiation. The cost of livery is met by the sponsor in addition to the cost of sponsorship.
  • Business / Autograph Cards: Since ground commentary is provided at displays by Debs, business and autograph cards are regularly requested by the public and widely distributed. The successful sponsors details are present on these. Where at all possible, Nigel joins the event on the ground after displaying for that "personal" touch.
  • Sponsor provided goods: These are distributed in association with Yak Display due to the presence of the commentator on the ground during displays.

Client Days

  • Just for you: As part of the sponsorship package, client days are incorporated. For sole sponsorship for a full 12 months, two client days are included. Each client day involves the sole availability of Nigel, Debs (commentator) and the aircraft for your use, and may be used for corporate entertainment, or as part of a community project or other charity or sponsored event. The venue is located by mutual agreement after taking into account safety and suitability. All arrangements are subject to CAA rules and regulations. Any permissions or exemptions required are handled by the pilot - Nigel Willson. CAA display charges and fuel costs are payable by the sponsor.

Sponsor Investment

The term of sponsorship is nominally for one year. The commencement date, duration and payment arrangements are negotiable. For details of costs, please contact Nigel directly.

Management & Evaluation

The sponsorship is personally managed by Nigel Willson - the display pilot. No third parties are involved. We recognise the importance of evaluation and review, and are committed to an ongoing assessment of the partnership. You receive regular updates on the activities on Yak Display, to publicise as you wish. This includes estimates of exposure, and copies of submissions to, and inclusions in, any media publication. You may use this information to correlate other marketing data to the activities of your sponsorship of Yak Display to visualise your return on investment.

Moving Forward

This is an exciting opportunity. You can increase public exposure in a unique way through the sponsorship of a unique aerobatic team, offering a fantastic display to the public at both organised and private events.

Through the professionalism, commitment, and creative ideas and displays performed by Yak Display, your audience will immediately associate the forward going and unique activities with you and your company.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect further, please do not hesitate to contact us.