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Caren Lamb - Private Wedding

What can I say the WOW factor. It truly was absolutely fantastic and made our very special day even more memorable. Many thanks and would definitely recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.

Jim Milne - Corporate Event

Nigel, Debs and the YAK had 4,000 people looking up at the sky being wow'd by the aerial skills. Being the complete professional Nigel was even happy to do a local radio interview before he went up to do his stuff. Left people with great memories and wanting more. As Nigel said to me when we first met - it's not as expensive as you might think - and he was right! A true professional who is happy to work with you to achieve whatever the objectives are. Can't wait to book him for another event!

Luke Sismore - Private Wedding

Well what can i say about your display at our wedding yesterday, it was just brilliant, i have attended many airshows and the experience of your display can not be seen at any of them, it was nice and low and close to wow the guests, especially when you pulled the throttle back on a stall turn effect. Your timings were spot on. Thank you so much Nigel you completed our wedding day!!

David French- Public Display

Wow what a day and a fantastic display! We noted that all eyes were to the sky and we have had lots of comments that it was a brilliant display. It has also been reported on in the papers. It was a great part of a perfect day. Thank you for your excellent contribution to our 10th anniversary event.

Brian Crowe - Private Wedding

I've known Nigel for some time and contacted him to put on a display for my Daughter's Wedding. The couple and guests were not aware this was going to happen. Imagine their surprise when told to look up and listen, then Nigel appears in his YAK and performs a stunning display. They were ecstatic and jumped and waved as he performed his loops and spirals. When he stalls the plane everyone gasped but were relieved when the engine started again. It was the talk of the day, evening and next day and I earned a lot of kudos with everyone there. Many thanks Nigel and Debs.

Sqn Ldr Tony Harper - RAF Families Day

Professionally organised and flown to CAA authorisation. The Yak displays well, being larger than the more common aerobatic aircraft. The large rotary engine is reminiscent of WWII American naval aircraft and the large profile makes for a graceful display. A real change from the usual Extra displays. Nigel and his lovely commentator were friendly and helpful throughout.

Paul Needham - Public Display

A very professional and polished display by Nigel in the Yak 52 in windy conditions, with a very good commentary provided by Debs which makes the display come to life even better. I would recommend to anybody who wants an aerobatic flying display putting on at their venue. Also very helpful by organising all of the full size displays and paperwork etc. at our show for which we are very grateful!

James Kay - Private Wedding

The display for our wedding was absolutely superb, really professional and polished flying. This was a surprise for my wife and most of our guests, and it really did go down extremely well. My wife loved the display and was emotional that I would organise this as a surprise for her. It was then a main talking point among all the guests for the rest of the day and then for the weeks after. Simply Epic. Anyone planning a wedding should seriously consider a flying display by Great value for money and the display lasts for a good length of time. Really puts the cherry on top of your day.

Paula Popham - Public Display and Ted Devils

Today was brilliant. Sheringham doesn't know what has hit it. Thank you SO MUCH for your fantastic display, for Debs fantastic commentary and for the parachute drop which everyone loved. Tonight, people were still talking about it down at the pubs! They will talk about it for months. Just want to say thanks for your wonderful organisation, for dealing with everything, for making it so easy, for your complete calmness in dealing with me and for your amazing display. Please can we book you for next year? We might even be able to splash out on two planes and a ted devil drop cos people were heard to say that it was better than Cromer Carnival's Red Arrows.

Ali James - International Airshow

Literally breath-taking! Think my heart stopped every time the engine stopped! Flying at its professional best. Thank you.

Sarah & Pete - Private Wedding

Your display was truly awesome, spectacular and breath-taking. Pete and I were even holding our breath through most of it and the feedback from the guests was amazing, it really did add to the whole day... with just one tiny minor exception when the brides teddy had a complete parachute malfunction and her teddy went straight into the river! Deans (the groom) teddy glided safely into some bushes on the edge of the river but Katies (the bride) plummeted head first straight into the river. Thankfully, Katie took it in good spirits especially when her dashing charming new husband went to the rescue and recovered the very wet, algae covered teddy. So all was good and Dean got extra brownie points, so a good job done. On a serious side Nigel, the display was fantastic, everyone enjoyed it, it really was amazing and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both yourself and Debbie. I really would recommend your services to anyone and I would even suggest you aim to drop every teddy into a nearby river for that added effect! Thank you so much.

Raymond Cogan - Private Wedding

I booked the display as a surprise for my wife and guests at our wedding. So many people have commented on how good it was. The mid-air stall had people gasping! The entire display was varied and almost every move was something different. Nigel got the plane so low you could actually see him in the cockpit. The smoke was a great touch and despite the poor cloud cover you could still see the heart that he drew in the sky with the smoke. Amazing, and i thoroughly recommend this for a wedding. VERY VERY good value for money. All i did was book. Nigel and Debs took care of the rest. They liaised with the venue staff, videographer, photographer and toastmaster to make sure the guest were in the right place at the right time.

Jen Aries - Private Wedding

I arranged this as a surprise for everyone including my new husband at our wedding and it was awesome! Nigels display was brilliant. Hectors Dad was a pilot and taught these exact exercises and he said it was the best he had seen. Super impressed. The whole party oohed, aahed, and woahed throughout and well and no-one will forget our wedding in a hurry! Easy to communicate with and flexible with exact time of display to suit when the party were actually ready to get out onto the lawn. Very discreet in the day. Thank you!

Chrissie Westgate - Private Display

That was one truly fantastic display over the Packing Shed the whole of Mersea is talking about it, well done! Colin just couldnt believe it was all happening just for him, he was so delighted and hasnt stopped talking about it yet, I dont think he ever will!

Rob and Rebecca Reeve - Private Wedding

What can we say!! WOW!! This was a real surprise to all our guests that were amazed to see the display by Nigel. Turned up on time, superb low display and stall turns that took peoples breath. A 1st for the venue who were just as impressed as us. I would much rather a display like this for our guests at a very reasonable cost. Thanks soo much.

Nicky Smith - Private Wedding

This was one big challenge for Nigel. To impress an audience of pilots and crew who fly Air Ambulance and Police helicopters for a living, on a damp April afternoon, especially after the bride and groom had just arrived by helicopter. However, Nigel succeeded in every respect with an amazing display of skill, fun and real wow factor. The crowd were in absolute awe and particularly loved the heart he crafted in smoke. A huge thank you to Nigel and Debs for your flexibility, seamless organisation and a truly incredible and memorable display. As a surprise gift to newly-weds on their special day, the Yak display simply could not be bettered.

Annette Ludvigsen - Private Display

Just to say thank you for your amazing aerobatic display on Saturday 6th for our party. The conditions were perfect (from our perspective) and we and our guests were thrilled and awed by your extraordinary daredevil display. The stunning Yak Display was a major talking point among our 100 guests on the ground who were thrilled and awestruck by Nigels great performance. He even smoked a heart in the sky! Great stuff. Nobody could quite believe what they were seeing and the Yak was the talk of the party thereafter! Everyone who has written, called, texted and emailed since has sung your praises. A must-consider for any outdoor event. We will recommend you without hesitation. Thank you so much for helping to make our party so special.

Peter and Celine - Private Wedding

The display was incredible, thank you so much. It was the highlight of the day for many of our guests and was truly unique. We hadnt told anyone about this, not even our parents so it was a fantastic surprise.

Charlie and Ignatius - Private Wedding

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the aerobatic display for our wedding at Hengrave Hall. The guests were absolutely blown away, everyone thought it was spectacular. Your professionalism and discretion was greatly appreciated.

Roan and Erin Morling - Private Wedding

The display was absolutely brilliant. It had all our guests watching in awe as we had kept it a secret from everyone beforehand. The rolls and loops were fascinating, and the engine stalls were jaw dropping. Thank you so much for helping our day be so perfect. Highly recommended. Well worth the money and a great choice to surprise your guests with.

Leo Whisstock - Public Display

What a fantastic display and a real boost to our event. The positive comments did not stop all afternoon and all appreciated Debs commentary. Fingers crossed we may well repeat it again next year.

Hannah Muir - Private Wedding

Thank you so much for performing a terrific air display for our wedding and keeping it a surprise!! It was absolutely superb and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you again for making our day extra special.

Jason Coupe - Public Display

Great display, Debs & Nigel are very organized and professional. Book with confidence you will not be disappointed.

Jo Sapsford - Public Display

Absolutely amazing! Everyone enjoyed it, and were still talking about it late into the night in the bar! Those that chose to watch it from their caravan, and did not hear the commentary got a bit concerned for their lives at points, but recovered when they realised it was all part of an amazing show!!!!

Chris Lea - Private Wedding

What a brilliant display for a wedding! The guests were so affected by the wow factor.... Particularly when they could not hear the engine at the top of a stunt! Excellent!!

David Kennedy - Public Display

As most of us are ex RAF Regiment we have - over the years - been involved in many air shows. We can say without a doubt that the display given by Nigel Willson and his Yak is up there with the best of them. The commentary given by Debbie is not only enlightening and informative - it is humourous too! To any organisation, or individual, planning an air display - contact Nigel. He not only gives a brilliant display he even completes the necessary paper work! So if you want a really first class air display please contact Nigel Willson at YAK 52 AEROBATIC DISPLAY. You will not be disappointed.

Peter Brinkley - Public Airshow

Once again Nigel thrilled the crowd with a spectacular display. Debbies commentary as usual added to the occasion. The weather was perfect and the display likewise. If you are looking for a display that is solid, spectacular and affordable, then look no further. You will not be disappointed and will only ask yourself why have you not done it before.

Susannah Long - Private Wedding

Thank you so much, can I just say how brilliant your display was and how glad I am that you were able to fly as the weather was a bit touch and go. I managed to keep it a secret from everyone and it was such a thrill! My mother in law has put it amongst her 3 favourite parts of the day, along with the church entrance and first dance. She has said that she wants one for her diamond wedding anniversary.

Graeme Hatton - Public Display

Nigel kicked off our festival air display with what can only be described as tremendous flying. As one of the organisers, I could not have asked for anything more. If you have not seen Nigel fly this wonderful aircraft, look on his web site to see where his next performance is and GO. If you cant go and want to book him, I can honestly say, you be stunned and amazed and definitely not disappointed. The display flowed so effortlessly yet at the same time, exciting. Debbie gave an absolutely fabulous commentary; she was wonderful. Thank you both so much for making our village festival the one to remember.

Pam & Roger Durrant - Private Wedding

Wowed everyone with the daring and skills shown by the pilot. Wonderful display kept guests on the edge of their seats. Lovely heart!!!!! Some guests who have been to a few weddings said it was the best they have seen yet!

Sharon Johnson - Ted Devils Public Display

This display was brilliant all the kids were amazed it was total silence then when the teddies started coming down, you could hear the ahhhs and wows. Brilliant. I would recommend this to everyone. Is great for all age groups and will have spectators talking for days.

Mark Jefferies - Public Airshow

Excellent show, plenty of noise and presence with good smoke system. Managed to get to the show on time in very bad weather condition which cleared in time for the air display.

Stuart Farmer - Public Display

Fabulous! This was the second time that we had asked Nigel to come along and once again he did not disappoint. Breath-taking manoeuvres, and very skilful flying with on the ground commentary from Debs. From initial enquiry through to the day, Nigel is totally professional, and takes all the hassle out of organising a display. Top Show, Definitely recommended.

Peter Brinkley - Public Airshow

Once again Nigel pulled out all the stops in difficult conditions. His ability to thrill the crowd and to talk us through it is first rate. Debbie was once again behind the mike to keep us informed and to give an insight into what Nigel is going through as he performs this stunning display. Nigel can always be relied upon to give a top class display. We have had the privilege to witness his flying skill for a number of years now at our Air Fair and he never ceases to amaze us. Debbie can also be relied on to add to the spectacle with her authorative commentary. Highly recommended.

John Overton - Public Airshow

A stunning and powerful display enjoyed by some 2500 plus people at our local fete, a huge professional attraction which put icing on our cake for the day, and all for a very competitive price. Highly recommended for any fete committee or special event.

Steve Eastwood - Public Display

On behalf of a lot of people I wish to say a big thanks for your display and having Debs talking through the display on the ground; really a fantastic day and thanks again for an excellent piece of flying. Your manoeuvres on top of climb had me worried for a sec, I was about to reach for the crash phone!! Pleased you started the engine in the appropriate fashion! Having Debs on via the radio mike really rounded off the display nicely and everyone was really impressed and brought smiles all round. Thanks again Nigel and Debs. Really appreciated .

Pat Marsden - Public Airshow

A very well thought out display by Nigel that showed the aircraft perfectly to the crowd, the roar of the radial engine coupled with the smoke supplemented the flying nicely. Good to have him land so the public can see the plane close up and with Debs commentating it gave the public all the info they need....quite how Nigel can talk over the radio whilst pulling the aerobatics I dont know.

Trev Clarke (SGRfm) - Public Airshow

Wow what a great display of dare devil stunts, loops, barrel rolls and lots of smoke from the back too. Also had my own flight you cannot describe what its like until you try it yourself. Fantastic you done it again Nigel.

Josie Howe - Public Airshow

As usual a brilliant heart stopping display. Makes a lot of difference with Deb there to talk us through the manoeuvres. Exciting stuff! Thanks Nigel.

John Turner - Public Airshow

My wife and I attended the 1940\`s Weekend held at Upwood. The aerobatic display by Nigel Willson in his YAK52 was absolutely breath taking and was for us the highlight of the show. Brilliant.

Dan & Linda Burgess - RAF Private Display

Brilliant, breath taking, exciting" just a few words to describe the display given by Nigel in his Yak52, everyone was in awe of the display. A personal "thank you" Nigel and Debs for making it an extra special day for Dan (by way of a donation to the Pudsey Children in Need appeal) by giving him a once in a lifetime experience of flight in your plane. A must see display, highly recommended.

Sqn Ldr Neil Robertson - RAF Private Display

On behalf of all on B Flt (Search & Rescue Sqn) may I thank you for the excellent display you provided for our families day. This is the first year that we have had a Yak on display and I know from the feedback received that it was the highlight of the day for all those attending. The event was a huge success and your contribution was the icing on the cake. For you to attend our small gathering made our guests feel very special indeed. We know how busy you must be over the display season, and for you and Debs to dedicate so much time to us was much appreciated. Once again, many thanks. Hope to see you again next year!

Peter Brinkley - Public Airshow

Another fantastic display from Nigel and super commentary from Debbie. Nigel continues to thrill the crowds and helps maintain the high standard of displays at the Air Fair. If you want a top quality display from a top man then look no further, you may even get a very enjoyable commentary thrown in. Book today to avoid disappointment.

Carl Bennett - Public Display

Absolutely stunning! Despite cloud down to 1800 feet Nigel gave us a fantastic 15 minutes of stunting over our village fair that brought in people passing on the A12. Quite why or how he likes being upside down spinning backwards is utterly beyond me, but we were glad he does. Really good value and a really good involving display.

Stuart Farmer - Public Airshow

An excellent display, arriving on time as scheduled and providing commentary throughout. Proved to be a great crowd pleaser with his skilful flying and breath-taking aerobatic manoeuvres. Well worth the fee, and everything was conducted in a most professional manner, from first enquiry through to the display on the day. Excellent!

David Jenkins - Public Airshow

Nigel did a great display for us even though the weather wasnt great. Lots of smoke and noise. Deb did a great job with the commentary so that everyone knew what was going on.Nigel was very accommodating to fit in with other events. He turned up spot on time and even though there was low cloud and a strong wind he gave us a good display. Highly recommended.

Peter Eager - Public Airshow

A good innovative individual display with the Yak 52 and a great contribution to our Show. We recommend Nigel Willson to any display organiser. He is a display pilot who is prepared to assist in many ways both during and outside of official display hours to ensure that the visiting public feel welcome and informed.

Edward & Laura Gray - Private Wedding

Nigel and his Yak were simply fantastic. We were lucky enough to have Nigel perform a display for us and our family, while watching on from the beach. On several occasions our hearts were in our mouths as he twisted and turned, but we were left with big grins on our faces. It was an amazing show.

Niamh Andrews - Private Wedding

Nigel did a display for me and my husband-to-be and his brother and new wife at Winterton Beach. It was incredible - twists, turns, rolls, engine tricks, heart drawings and fly pasts. Us and our families loved it. It was a unique experience and I would definitely recommend Nigel and his brilliant Yak!

Friends of Leiston Airfield - Public Airshow

Once again a very professional approach to a very professional display by Nigel Willson and his team. The visiting American veterans loved it as did the invited guests and the audience.

David Hughes - Public Airshow

Nigel really delivers what he promises and he does all the preparatory work for you. The display was breath-taking and lasted longer than we were expecting. Everybody agreed that it was a great display and money well spent which set our relatively small annual village show off to a flying start!

Duncan Skeels - Public Display

As always Nigel delivered a fantastic display, the VE Day veterans really appreciated this special display on this special day, thank you Nigel! Trouble free, reliable and entertaining. Nigel has always come up with the goods and never disappointed...cant recommend him enough!

The Friends of Leiston Airfield - Public Airshow

Excellent display. As event organiser i received many comments such as breath-taking, absolutely brilliant, Wow, sooner him than me! Book him!

Josie Howe - Public Airshow

Heart stopping display thoroughly enjoyed by us all - thanks very much Nigel. Professional and efficient service from the time of booking to the actual displays. Nigel Willson and the Yak 52 are a great addition to any event.

Rache - Public Airshow

A great display on both days by Nigel, my heart always stops when he does his stall-turns!! Nice one Nige ;-)

Duncan Skeels - Public Display

Once again Nigel put on a great display, in grotty wind conditions and in a replacement YAK52....OUTSTANDING! Book Nigel Willson with confidence... you wont be disappointed!

Aaron Nobbs - Public Airshow

This is the second display Nigel has done for us and again we were not disappointed. Nigel thankfully managed to borrow a plane to make sure the display went ahead and although without smoke and the not brilliant weather the 4000 spectators were thrilled from start to finish. Fantastic.

Aaron Nobbs - Public Airshow

Nigel was great, from organising all the paperwork, right through to the fantastic display he carried out. Booking an Aerobatic display for the first time is a very daunting prospect, but Nigel makes it easy and you know everything is in order. Fantastic display at a sensible cost.

Jeannie Wright - Public Airshow

The day was superb and so were the displays, and Nigels bigger and better show is really astounding. This is a really skilled performance, smooth and beautifully executed. The sheer amazement comes from how did he do that so cool and controlled you secretly think you would like to try! Eat your heart out Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Nigel brings a really polished performance to your event. He reassures you with attention to detail and ease in which he manages statutory needs and his contribution to the overall activity of your day. A gem to work with, great value for money and he brings a following! The smoke is pretty but the action awesome; you know your guests are in for a treat.

Chris Reynolds - Public Display

The display was to a very high standard of precision with a great variety of combinations. The latest addition of "smoke on" adding to the larger Sky Eaters. The effect of Nigels flying on women must be guarded against, some go decidedly weak at the knees and have difficulty breathing between the screams. The whole audience will be entertained, thrilled, excited and filled with admiration.

Duncan Skeels - Public Airshow

Nigel never fails to deliver a top rate performance and with this seasons addition of smoke his normally outstanding display was enhanced even more. With the unusual weather conditions (hot sunny weather!) Nigels display was magic! I cannot recommend Nigel enough, the spectators are enthralled and hes always willing to chat to people. Hes a real bonus for any display. Book him now!

Jeannie Wright - Public Airshow

It is great to have Nigel to fly for us on our Annual Open Day at Elmsett Airfield. He always graces the sky with a breath taking performance and certainly knows how to amaze and delight the crowds. A pilot that brings the ohhhh wooowwww factor to young and old alike, yet also so easy to work with - he thinks of everything. Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge about his flying and how to organise what he does. The paperwork involved is very straight forward and as long as you plan with Nigel exactly what he and you require you will have no problems. Nigel helps us raise money for local causes and can often come up with ideas that solve the and how are we going to do that problem.

Robert (Bob) Dunnett - Public Airshow

Nigel thrilled the very large crowd with a stunning display. The weather was not perfect, but Nigels display was, in wind, rain and bright sunshine. His routine was first class and our crowd were waving and dancing to his every pass, we held the mike to our transmitter, just to make sure he heard all! The Yak 52 is a good crowd pleasure M.H. RAF and USAAF members present were very impressed with the display.

Duncan Skeels - Public Airshow

Nigel opened our annual Air Display with a superb slot that thrilled the crowd. After having to hold for 10 mins until a thunderstorm passed Nigels balletic performance got the attention of a rather wet crowd, the combination of his excellent routine and the sound of the Yakovlev engine is a real pleaser. Have booked Nigel for several other events and he has NEVER let me down, professionally excellent at a sensible price, I thoroughly recommend him to other FDDs!

Ronni & Gavin Hetherington - Private Wedding

It was an amazing display and everyone keeps talking about it; it was breath-taking and will stay in our memories forever.

Janet Shoesmith - Private Wedding

Thank you so much for your fantastic display at our wedding. The attention to detail beforehand was superb and the timing was spot on. Highly recommended!

Alf and Chris George - Public Display

Amazing - frightened me and I was only watching! Best Ive seen! The children loved it. Reliable and on time to the second.