Pilot Experience


The Person

Name: Nigel Willson
DoB: 24th March 1964


The Pilot

Learnt to fly: 1985 with Horizon Flying Club at Ipswich Airport
Total Hours: 5000+
Licences and Ratings Held:
  • UK and EASA PPL(A) (Private Pilots Licence - Aeroplanes)
  • FAA Private Pilots Licence - Aeroplanes
  • SEP(Land) (Single Engine Piston Class Rating - Land Aeroplanes)
  • SEP(Sea) (Single Engine Piston Class Rating - Sea Aeroplanes)
  • IMC IR(R) (Instrument Meteorological Conditions - Instrument Rating[Restricted] Rating)
  • IR (Instrument Rating)
  • DA (Display Authorisation)
  • Night Rating
  • Aerobatics Rating
  • Towing Rating
  • Differences Certification for everything except pressurisation
  • FE(A) (Flight Examiner - Aeroplanes)
  • FI(A) (Flying Instructor - Aeroplanes)
  • GR(A) (Ground Examiner - Aeroplanes)
  • IRI (Instrument Rating Instructor)
  • CAA Approved Flight Test Pilot (Schedule 2)
Types flown: Cessna (all types), Piper (all types), Robin, Tiger Moth, Beagle Pup, Jodel, Spitfire, Pitts Special, Wassmer, Air Coup, Rockwell Aero Commander, Bulldog, Yak, Cassutt Racer, Maule, Auster, Mooney, Citabria, Cap, Andreasson, TB(9,10,200), Alpha 120T, Europa, Sports Cruiser, BE17 Staggerwing, Replica FW190, RV-4, RV-6, FLS Sprint, Fourney, Cirrus SR20, Navion, Decathlon, DA40, Harvard, Alpi Pioneer, Stearman, Chipmunk, ME108, Fairchild F24, Stampe
Display: Groups A and B Aerobatic Display (Advanced[+] standard). Formation and Tailchase Leader (4 aircraft).

DA number 137; fly-by lower limit 50', aerobatic lower limit 100'