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What's involved? What's it like dealing with Yak Display?

It's actually very straight-forwards. Here's what we do, and the agreement we'll have between us. We're completely transparant - right up front, so you know exactly where you stand from a responsibility and financial exposure point of view.

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Contact Us

Obviously, your first port of call is to contact us. We will need to know the date, time and location of the display you'd like so we can check our availability and the suitability of the site for a display to take place.
Contact Us

Quote & Risk Analysis

Once we've done our initial risk analysis (which we can make available to any site owner as an initial answer to any concerns they may have), we'll provide you with a fully inclusive quote, with options where appropriate. We normally try to provide this to you within a couple of days.


If you wish to proceed with the display as quoted, let us know, and we'll send you a deposit invoice to secure the booking. Many people worry about how much this will be, but generally speaking, it's in the region of £400.

The deposit consists of returnable and non-returnable elements.

Non-Returnable Elements

For displays to take place, we legally need either a "Rule 5005 Exemption" (to be able to fly up close and personal to you for private events), or an "Article 86 Permission" for a public display. If the display you want is the "Ted Devils", we also need to obtain an "Article 89 Permission" to allow us to drop articles from an aircraft.

These permissions are issued by the CAA and cost money (which we itemise on the quote we provide). As you would imagine, they need to be prepared and issued before the display date; hence the cost of these cannot be refunded in any way if the display doesn't take place.

In order for us to achieve that permission or exemption from the CAA, we need to complete several tasks including an enhanced risk assessment, liaison with emergency services and emergency planners, document and provide plans for our risk mitigation, implement due diligence on aircraft and pilot documentation, as well as provide you with advice and guidance on information that must be given to the public. Many of these requirements were increased in 2016 as a direct result of a complete review of the organisation and management of air shows and air displays in the UK. These tasks take effort and time, and so there is a further (documented) non-refundable charge made for us to perform these for you.

Returnable Elements

Part of the deposit is made up of a small amount that's allocated towards prospective aircraft costs. If the display does not take place this part of the deposit is generally returned to you.


There's a few things we like to mention up front about the display. Rest assured though, whilst we point these out to you, in actual fact, over the past 17 years of display flying, we have only ever had to abandon 5 displays due to one or more of the unforseen circumstances mentioned below. That's a pretty good track record!

Display Director & Commentary

Logistics permitting, Debs is usually present on the ground at your event (albeit discretely if the display is a surprise). This enables her to fulfil the "Flying Display Director" role (a legal requirement), plus, also enables any last minute changes to be accomodated from a timing or display line placement perspective. It also allows Debs to commentate on the display if that is required. Debs transit (usually from the nearest airfield by taxi) will be charged at cost to you, or an option given for you to provide the transport for Debs to and from your site.

Serviceability & Weather

Our ability to display depends on three main factors; Aircraft Serviceability, Pilot Serviceability, and Weather. In the unlikely event that either pilot or aircraft are unserviceable, then no display can take place, and the refundable part of your deposit will be made.

If (in our professional opinion) the weather would prevent us from getting to your display site safely, once again the refundable part of your deposit will be made. If we have to make this decision, it is normally just before our planned departure time. Remember that we need to take into account not only the weather at your display site, but also our departure airfield and transit route!

If the weather forecast is looking questionable for the display to take place, we would normally contact you and give you a choice. These are to either abandon the display at that stage, or to allow us to attempt to get to the display. In this situation, you would be liable for any costs involved for the transit attempt if (in the end) we were unable to get to you to display.


On successful completion of the display, we will produce an invoice and send it to you for settlement. We ask for payment within 10 days of receipt (although obviously allowances are made for things such as honeymoons if it's for a wedding).


As part of our commitment to ongoing improvements to the services we offer, we do ask for some feedback if you feel able. We'd like to make use of that information, and (with your permission) place your comments on our "References" page to help other people make an informed choice about Yak Display.
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