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Nigel Willson & Yak52
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Best Flying Display Award Winner
Waddington International Airshow

Many people think that booking an aerobatic aircraft display is reserved for big attractions, and would be far too expensive for weddings, small local events or private functions.

But that's where you'd be wrong! We urge you to read what others have said about You'll simply be amazed!

Ranging from the normal "air show" events, corporate openings or special gatherings, right through to smaller public items such as rural museum open days, private wedding receptions and birthday parties, or even funerals, yes - Nigel has even performed at these - many people have enjoyed the thrill of an aerobatic display, at a realistic and affordable cost. To find out how this is possible, just read on. Or to see some opinions on what people think of the performance - and to hear about how easy everything's made for you, read the references.

An affordable and feasible display

Nigel displays a fantastic aerobatic programme in the Yak 52. Based at Elmsett Airfield, in Suffolk, Nigel is more than willing to display for air shows, weddings, fetes, or private functions. Rather attractively, costs are able to be kept to an absolute minimum since Nigel operates on a Private Pilots Licence. Consequently, the only charges involved are for the aircraft and incidental expenses. Nigel does not charge for his time.

We're also able to offer our own specialised commentary from Debs, who, on the ground at the event, is able to give background information on the pilot and aircraft, as well as the display and manoeuvres being performed. Your audience is certain to be entertained with our light-hearted approach, which (circumstances permitting) can even include a chat with Nigel over the radio while the display is being performed!

For something completely different, and to the delight of the crowd, Nigel and Debs can also offer the unique "Ted Devils". Parachuting teddy bears is the name of the game - and this activity can be used as a great fund-raiser with minimal work required on your behalf if required. It also gets the local children involved before your event - helping in publicity for you! For more information, see the Ted Devils page!

For the more adventurous, Nigel is also able to offer a formation display that quite simply brings the "fun" back into flying! Unbelievably close to each other when in formation, and even when doing their own individual routine, all are in the air - going in all directions - all in front of the crowd - and all at the same time! Amazing! For more information, click here.

Even if you don't book Nigel and the Yak for a display, you may be interested in hearing Nigel give an illustrated talk on the subject (pictures, and large screen video). For more information on this and other presentations available, see

And finally.. what's it like from the inside? Check out THIS VIDEO for a little preview...